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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

chocolate arrives via Post.... today was a good day.

for some odd reason, i've always been one of those girls 
who just LOVES to go to the Post Box and get the mail.  
when I was younger it was a bit of a walk to the mail center, 
but i would stroll every day after school 
as soon as i dropped off my backpack.  

nowadays, with the promise of bills looming, 
the mail requisition is more a task than a joy. 
...until things like THIS show up!!

Nicobella Organics sent along a box full of goodies,
and this makes me a 

these chocolates are not your average delectables.  
inside the box of vegan dark chocolate truffles
are flavors like 'pumpkin chai', 'blueberry almond', 
and 'sunflower butter banana'.... um... YUM!

then came these bags of 'munch'.  
oh. my. goodness. 
note how the bags are torn open at the top... 
couldn't even wait to take a photo before ripping into them.

first of all... anything coconut, chocolate and i are BFFs already.
but this stuff is RIDICULOUSLY tasty.
and the maple nut... oh my. 
the pecans and sea salt... stop it, already.  

the whole munch thing makes for an 
easy and DEE-LISH afternoon snack -
and for chocolate fiends, this is an important detail.
(yes, i recognize i'm a fiend for chocolate)

i have to say, these are some of the 
best chocolates i've ever tasted...
and lets just say i've tasted an ample amount. 
the only thing i didn't love about this chocolate was... 
there wasn't enough of it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

experience life.

i love this. 
get out there and explore. 
and i dont mean the mall...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

it's one of my very favorite holidays!

i see a Nutella crêpe in my very near future.
how do you plan on celebrating?